Cosplayer: Laney Nicole - Cosplay & Andy Does Cosplay &Josh
Character: Panty & Stocking (waitress version), with chuck
Series: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Photography: a Polar Bear


panty and stocking yaaaaa


i liked how these came out actually so ill post them outside of the asks i got



"Not again. Not the angel."

"—- Hmm, did lil’ snobbypants missed havin’ this sexyass bitch around to ogle at? Motherfuckin’ d’aww boy.

leans her head on Panty's shoulder


No shit, Anri girl!! She snickered with a grin on her face as she rested her head against the girl’s. The angel had been startled for a second, but as soon as she was glancing over her shoulder, she recognized the person, the cutie faced raven. Fuckin’ hey, what’s up? Haven’t see ya in fuckin’ ages yo