pantylicious wandered into Wonderland


"Well aren’t you just a firecracker, Miss Panty," He chuckled, thrusting his hand forward in greeting, much like he’d been told people do when first meeting. 

"I’m Boris, Cheshire cat at your service for every and anything your heart could possibly desire. Welcome to Wonderland."

Well that sure was some unexpected hospitality… if one could call it that, honestly the way he worded his sentence made it sound like a greeting right out of a pleasure house, or some other place of the kind. You get the idea.
—Nice, but what in the fucking hell is Wonderland?” She cocked her head, folding her arms over her chest, giving off almost an angry look, but it soon changed into a something different. And how the fuck do I-…hold the fuck up…a cat? Curiosity and  surprise sparked in those blue colored eyes. "—Are those fuckin’ real then? Ya gotta be shittin’ me… She pointed and stared at the pair of pink ears on his head.